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Journal articles

Bose George and  Ranjana Mary Varghese. “Rural Women Empowerment through Inclusive Marketing.” Journal of management and science, Special Issueno. (August 2012): 60–67. (ISSN:2249-1260)



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  1. Published an Article on the topic ”Social Marketing and HIV Prevention”  in Management Innovator(Peer Referred Research Journal, Vol. 7, No.1, January 2014, ISSN 0974 – 6749)  and the Publiser is ”Researchers Forum, Institute of Management in Kerala, University of Kerala on 14th Mach, 2014”
  2. Published a Text Book on ”Fundamentals of Marketing” (ISBN: 978-93-83241-71-2) and the publisher is Archers & Elevators Publishing House, Bangalore.
  1. Published an Article on the topic ” A Study on Impact of Sales Person’s Ethical Sales Behaviour on Customers Loyalty through Customer Satisfaction and Trust in Pharmaceutical Industry” (ISSN 2348 – 6724)
  2. Published an Article on the topic “Impact of Ethical Sales Behaviour on Transaction Theory: To whom is the Customer Loyal?” in De Paul Journal of Scientific Research [DJSR] (Peer Reviewed Multidisciplinary Journal, Volume 3, Issue 3 ISSN: 2394-4412, E-ISSN: 2394-2509).


  1. Published an article on the topic “Success in Customer-Salesperson interactions: Developing a conceptual Framework of a salesperson’s interaction competence”, in an International Conference on 3i “Intelligence, innovation and inclusion – Best Practices for Global Excellence” in Pondicherry University.


  1. Published an article on the topic “Adopting Gita Principles for creating ethical selling behavior among salespersons”, in an International Conference on “Realm of Management in Bhagavad Gita” in  Nehru School of Management.