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Stock Trading Game

The Wall Street Survivor


 The Wall Street survivor is an online simulation game to learn about stock market trading and investment. This is for college students ( UG and PG ), B- School students to learn practically the stock market investment and trading. Here you are trading and investing using virtual money, not with real money. Even if you made the loss in investment or trading you are not losing any real cash.

Organized by Marian international institute of management(MIIM) Kuttikkanam in association with Geojit financial services ltd

Game period: 1st October to 31st  December 2018.


1st  PRIZE RS.50000

2nd  PRIZE RS.25000

 Register on or before 30th September 2018

How to participate in the game

  • Enroll the game the thorough filling registration form
  • Make payment via cash or bank deposit
  • After registration, the participant will receive user id and password from Geojit
  • Download trading app( Fliplite) from play store in your mobile
  • Login on the app using the user ID and password
  • Each participant will get Rs.1000000 as virtual cash to invest and Rs.1000000 as      intraday(Buying and selling stocks on the same day ) trading.
  • Using this virtual money participant can invest or trade in any stocks listed in BSE and maximum profit
  • Participants can buy and sell stocks during the trading hours of the stock market on every working day (9.15 am to 3.30 pm). It is not mandatory to trade every day.
  • Profit or loss of each transaction will be added to or deducted from the initial amount(Rs.1000000)
  • Winner will be selected based on the highest value of the portfolio on 30th November 2018.


Rules of the game

  • Only college students can participate
  • Register on or before 30th September and registration fee is Rs.300
  • Minimum 5 transactions or minimum 5 companies shares must be purchased and sold  (buy and sell )during the game period
  • All the stocks ( Shares you purchased ) must sell on or before 31st  December
  • Total portfolio value as on 31st December will be taken as consideration to select the winner of the game

 Benefits of the Game

  1. Trading in the live market without any real cash investment
  2. Improving your research skills to select stock to invest
  3. Learn practically the stock market investments and trading without any real cash investment
  4. No real cash loss even if the market crash or stock price reduced
  5. The time period is 3 months
  6. Prize money is Rs.50000 and Rs.25000
  7. Finally, you get real trading and Demat account at free of cost from Geojit financial services ltd to invest in the stock market

 Registration fee Rs. 300

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