Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Full time program spread over 2 years / 4 semesters as per the scheme & syllabus of M.G.University,Kottayam

MBA Course Structure

MB010101 Management concepts & Organizational Behaviour
MB010102 Business Communication
MB010103 Managerial Economics
MB010104 Accounting for Management
MB010105 Quantitative Methods 
MB010106 Legal Environment of Business
MB010107 Environment Management
MB010108 Course Viva I


MB010201 Financial Management
MB010202 Marketing Management
MB010203 Human Resource Management
MB010204 Operations Management
MB010205 Management Science
MB010206 Management Information Systems & Cyber Security
MB010207 Business Research Methods
MB010208 Entrepreneurship Development
MB010209 Course Viva II


Core Courses
MB010301 Big Data & Business Analytics
MB010302 Business Ethics & Corporate Governance
MB010303 Course Viva III


Core Courses
MB010401 Strategic Management
MB010402  Course Viva IV


Finance Electives
Course Code Elective Course Semester
MB80 03/0401 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management S3
MB80 03/0402 Financial Derivatives and Risk Management S3
MB80 03/0403 Management of Banks and Financial Institutions S3
MB80 03/0404 Corporate Taxation S3
MB80 03/0405 Project Risk Evaluation and Management S3
MB80 03/0406 Behavioural Finance S4
MB80 03/0407 International Finance and Forex Management S4
MB80 03/0408 Management of Financial Services S4
MB80 03/0409 Rural Economy and Micro Finance S4
MB80 03/0410 Strategic Financial Management S4


Marketing Electives
Course Code Elective Course Semester
MB81 03/0401 Sales Management S3
MB81 03/0402 Retail Business Management S3
MB81 03/0403 Services Marketing S3
MB81 03/0404 Digital and Social Media Marketing S3
MB81 03/0405 Integrated Marketing Communication S3
MB81 03/0406 Product and Brand Management S4
MB81 03/0407 Marketing Analytics S4
MB81 03/0408 Consumer Behaviour S4
MB81 03/0409 Agriculture Business and Rural Marketing S4
MB81 03/0410 Marketing Research S4


HRM Electives
Course Code Elective Course Semester
MB82 03/0401 Training and Development S3
MB82 03/0402 Performance and Talent Management S3
MB82 03/0403 Organisational Change and Transformation S3
MB82 03/0404 Compensation Management S3
MB82 03/0405 Global Human Resources Management S3
MB82 03/0406 Mentoring Coaching and Management Consulting S4
MB82 03/0407 Industrial Relations and Labour Laws S4
MB82 03/0408 Counseling Skills for Managers S4
MB82 03/0409 Human Resources Information System S4
MB82 03/0410 Leadership for Managerial Performance S4


Operations Management Electives
Course Code Elective Course Semester
MB83 03/0401 Supply Chain Management S3
MB83 03/0402 Total Quality Management S3
MB83 03/0403 Project Management S3
MB83 03/0404 World Class Manufacturing S3
MB83 03/0405 Service Operations Management S3
MB83 03/0406 Industrial Safety & Occupational Health S4
MB83 03/0407 Global Operations and Logistics Management S4
MB83 03/0408 Maintenance Management S4
MB83 03/0409 Materials and Purchase Management S4
MB83 03/0410 Advanced Operations Research S4


Information Systems Electives
Course Code Elective Course Semester
MB84 03/0401 Decision Support Systems S3
MB84 03/0402 E Business S3
MB84 03/0403 Enterprise Resource Planning S3
MB84 03/0404 System Analysis and Design S3
MB84 03/0405 Cloud Computing S3
MB84 03/0406 Database Management S4
MB84 03/0407 E-Business Strategy S4
MB84 03/0408 Information Security Management S4
MB84 03/0409 Software Project Management S4
MB84 03/0410 Software Quality Management S4


International Business Electives
Course Code Elective Course Semester
MB85 03/0401 International Financial System S3
MB85 03/0402 International Marketing S3
MB85 03/0403 Import / Export Policies & Procedures S3
MB85 03/0404 International Human Resource Management S3
MB85 03/0405 Global Trade Practices S3
MB85 03/0406 International Economic Organisations S4
MB85 03/0407 International Logistics & Supply Chain Management S4
MB85 03/0408 International Trade Promotion Strategies S4
MB85 03/0409 International Business Negotiations S4
MB85 03/0410 International Consumer and Industrial Buyer Behaviour S4


Dual specializations in the areas of Marketing, Finance, I.T, HR, Operations & International Business are offered

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