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Wall Street
Survivor 2.0

(Virtual Stock Trading Game)

stock trading contest
  • How to enroll?

• Pay the registration fee Rs. 300 [ Early bird offer - pay only INR 249 if you are registering before July 5] using online payment mode or contact the organizers.

  • How to play?

• You will be provided with the link of free Mobile App. with Rs. 10,00,000 (10 Lakh) virtual trading money
• The participant should make a portfolio using this cash limit (*Conditions apply)

  • Selection of winner

• The candidate with highest portfolio value on 31st August 2020 will be the winner

[ Early bird offer - Pay only INR 249 if you are registering before July 5.]

1st PRIZE = Rs. 50000/-
2nd PRIZE = Rs. 25000 /-

For more details contact:

Mukund S, Assistant prof. MIIM
+91 9037459515

Bibin Xavier, Assistant prof. MIIM
+91 9961453899

Rules, conditions and instructions for Virtual stock trading game

  1. Game Start from 15thJuly 2020 and end on 31st August 2020
  2. Virtual Cash Rs.1000000 (10 Lakhs) will be available to invest in real stock market during the above period
  3. Only BSE 500 stocks are allowed to trade or invest (
  4. If the Participants trade shares other than that of BSE 500, then he/she will be banned from the game and will not be considered for final selection of winners
  5. Only Cash buying allowed in the game. No intraday trade (However you are allowed to sell the stock same day itself – (Delivery Buy & Sell)
  6. Brokerage is applicable as 0.02% or 0.10 per share whichever is higher
  7. You can participate in the game only through mobile App. Gabe App is available only on Android phone,
  8. Login credentials to app will be shared via  SMS on 13thJuly 2020(User id will be your Mobile No)
  9. Participant has to download the app from the play store
  10. You will able to see your buying power on the app when you click on the portfolio (One suitcase Shape menu Icon).
  11. Minimum 5 buy and sell transactions should be there in the game period.
  12. Participants can transact in BSE during the 9.15 am to 3.30 pm in any working days
  13. No short selling is allowed
  14. You can buy the stocks with the available cash balance, and sell the stocks which you purchased
  15. Maximum utilization of resources (Rs.1000000) is required. But it can be done any time during the period. Use appropriate strategies to invest wisely.
  16. It is not mandatory to transact every day in the market. But you can view the market and take decisions accordingly. 
  17. Your task is to maximize your return. Those who make the higher profit during the period of the game and on end of the game will be selected as the winner.
  18. If any technical difficulty arises, you can take the screenshot and send it to us.  But issues like low internet speed, technical issues because of your handset etc. participant themselves have to manage.
  19. It is a portfolio management game, develop a good portfolio based good research about a stock before buying and selling. Aggressive trading can incur a loss to your Initial capital.
  20. Winners will be selected based on highest value of Portfolio on 31st August 2020
  21. Please note that by choosing to participate in this game by submitting your details, you authorize Marian International Institute of Management or Geojit Financial services Ltd. to contact you even though you may be registered under DND



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